Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mommy-ing is hard.


This is why Mommy-ing is hard:

Today, I had six loads of laundry to do in order to catch up. I'd gotten behind because of a funeral, lot of time at the park enjoying the sunshine, dance class, karate class, putting together a packet of Braille stuff for Sunday School, etc.

So, I tried to do laundry. It took me FIVE hours. I seriously got interrupted every couple of minutes all. day. long.

Bean falling down the stairs where he was not supposed to be playing.
Kids wanting to play Webkinz.
Kids' computers not working.
Me telling kids to find something else to do.
Kids wanting to paint.
Kids fighting over the paint.
Kids getting paint on my braille stuff.
Kids needing a painting shirt.
Kids needing a snack.
Me telling kids to find something else to do.
Kids needing help cleaning up the paint.
Kids trying to find the glue.
An email from another mom needing Braille help.
Kids fighting over cleaning up.
Kids getting sent out into the back yard to play.
Kids fighting over the sand toys.
Kids getting water to pour on the sand toys.
Kids needing lunch.
An email from a person on Craigslist.
Me telling kids to do chores.
Kids fighting over chores.
Me sending kids outside to ride bicycles.
Kids needing help getting out bicycles.
Kids needing the bicycle seat adjusted.
Kids riding around the block and the Littles getting lost.
Me sending Curly to find the Littles.
Mister disappearing to the neighbor's house without asking.
Me panicking over the whereabouts of Little Mister.
Kids blowing bubbles.
Kids fighting over bubbles.

You get the idea.

Abi was grouchy all day. I think she can see less again. She was trying to color with sidewalk chalk and the only way she could see it was to lay flat on her tummy with her little nose pressed against the cement.

Then, Hubby brought me a coffee. Happy me. As luck would have it, the place where I set it down in the front yard wasn't entirely secure, so the wind blew the cup over and spilled my latte all over the front lawn. Sad me.

Finally, I sent both girls with Hubby to a violin rehearsal, and I popped both boys into the bath tub. They took straws and spent a happy half hour blowing water onto each other while I scrubbed paint off the table.

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