Monday, April 21, 2014

How Did You Find...?

How did you find my blog?

Stat counter gives a clue based on keywords used in searches. I'm finding this list a little disconcerting... "i am a dirty mom" landed someone on my blog? LOL Also, google has begun blocking most keyword logging, so the list is a lot shorter than it used to be.

82 Hits 87.23% (Keywords Unavailable)
2 Hits 2.13% candyland game fundraiser international adoption
2 Hits 2.13% old carpentry techniques
1 Hit 1.06% aeroplan
1 Hit 1.06% bunk bed plans workshop magazine
1 Hit 1.06% caswell runyan cedar chest
1 Hit 1.06% caswell-runyan company cedar chest
1 Hit 1.06% i am a dirty mom
1 Hit 1.06% lions fences
1 Hit 1.06% my disorganized bathroom
1 Hit 1.06% superhero reading programs

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