Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cute Pictures and a Tough Day


Bean has been begging for cool braids like his friend Clayton at church, who is in college and also plays the drums. 

So today I braided loc-style braids. Hubby says he looks like Will Smith's kid when he was little. 

Abi has been trying different canes to try to find one that she loves. The pink one was cute but heavy. The lightweight NFB ones get stuck really easily and don't really work in grass or on rough surfaces. The longer, ball-tipped one was REALLY heavy. 

I finally created an ultralight off-road cane by attaching a whiffle ball to the NFB cane. She tried it out today and she LOVES it! It's super light but doesn't get stuck even on rough surfaces or grass. 

While we were at church preparing Easter music, the kids spent some time rolling down the hill. 

Abi and Bean spent some time drawing with chalk. I was glad to see them in harmony, because Abi has had a really rough three days or so. 

I don't know if it's some anniversary of trauma that we don't know about, but she has had all of her RAD and PTSD symptoms coming out in force, to the point I hardly know what to do with her. 

During times like these, I take deep breaths and focus on the basics. Keep her safe, give her food. Snuggle when we can. Cancel all social stuff and hunker down with just our family. Keep the routine as predictable as possible. 

AND give her a nap, which gives me a break. 

These days are hard on all of us. 

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