Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Words, Words, Words!

Abi's in that stage of reading where she needs to practice like crazy, but it is still super tedious. She needs to get hundreds and hundreds of words through her little brain until they become instantly recognizable, and with Braille, it takes a lot of practice. (Print does, too, but it happens more without noticing, since there is print everywhere around us.)

Luckily, Abi is pretty patient. I'm trying to give her reading opportunities that are fun, not just drudgery. For example, she picked this board book of colors up at the library. I brailled it for her, and stuck the braille on with tape that can be removed next week when we take it back. We play a little game where she closes her eyes, reads the page, and then looks at the color on the page to see if she got it right. After she does it, I have to do the same thing!

As I mentioned, I stuck braille in our copy of Go Dog! Go, which she loves to read with me. The silly story keeps her interest and the repetition makes recognizing words easier. Just today, she said, "The word 'they' looks like a little box that keeps your finger safe!" I laughed because I had always thought the same thing about that word. I love how it makes a little box. :)

graphic of the words they in braille

I know from teaching the other kids to read that this stage seems like it last f-o-r-e-v-e-r but in reality it isn't very long. A little patience and practice and she will be off and reading. That's when the real work begins. If she keeps up with her older brother, she is going to want to read every A-Z Mystery book ever written. How am I going to find all of those in braille?!?!? Yikes!!! Hopefully our transcribing software will come to our rescue. :)

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  1. I love that you show us how you are doing this. It's inspirational to me!! Keep it up! :)