Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sad Ears

Curly's ears have been bothering her since they were pierced. A few days ago, they looked swollen and icky, and we treated them with every remedy that Google could suggest. Today, she added a rash, so we took her to Quick Care. 

It turns out that she is allergic to metal, and the allergy was combined with a staph infection! Yikes!

So, out come the earrings until she heals. At this point, she doesn't think she wants pierced ears at all. Looking at her swollen, crusty earlobes, I can't say I blame her. She is on antibiotics, antihistamine and Prednisone to clear things up. And no more earrings unless they are 24 karat gold or sterling silver. If she even decides to get the holes re- pierced at some point. 

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