Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting My Hair Done

While waiting for migraine medicine to kick in, I rested in the tent. The kids had set it up in the living room again. I figured a soft bed in there sounded nice. 

Anyway, Abi decided she needed to do my hair. She gently brushed and "braided" and clipped and arranged. It felt lovely. :)

I loved that instead of pushing her away when I felt sick, we found something bonding to do. Perhaps the pain she often experiences in her eyes makes her more compassionate toward someone else in pain. Sweet girl. 

Pictures are for humor purposes only. Please ignore the white T-shirt. Blame it on the migraine. 


  1. I sometimes bribe the kids with more reading aloud if they brush my hair. It's very soothing. Nice way to connect too! :)

  2. This is so adorable (and the 'do looks marvellous, dahling ;)) Some of my favourite mum/daughter moments have revolved around hair brushing. It's brilliant for gentle bonding.