Saturday, February 15, 2014


A few days ago, I posted about making our chore chart. I'm happy that combined with a new allowance system, it has been great for motivating the kids to do their chores without any nagging from me!

For allowances, we are giving the kids a "paycheck" each week based on their ages, and the amount of chores they do. Curly at age nine does three chores and gets nine dollars. Mister, at age seven does two chores and gets seven dollars. The Littles do one chore each and get four and five dollars.

The chore chart works to record the chores, and this week, it got completely filled! Every kid was able to use it easily, even Abi. Also, I used a Sharpie on it, so it doesn't get rubbed off. A little tip on using white boards: you can use a Sharpie, and when you want to erase it, scribble over it with a whiteboard marker and erase. It comes right off.

The kids received their dollars this week (I wrote a tiny initial in the corner of each bill so no thievery can occur). They are scheming whether to spend or save, depending on their personalities. I'm just thrilled that the chores got done this week. :)

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