Friday, January 17, 2014


Today has been a dentally-focused day. 

This morning, Abi had dental surgery to remove two abscessed molars, seal some teeth and fill a cavity. Her enamel is not well-formed, due to poor nutrition as a baby, so this will likely be a long-term problem. 

She did great at the surgery. When they gave her the versed, she got really loopy and was singing drunkenly, to the amusement of the nurses and anesthesiologist. 

Waking up was harder. She was sore and bleeding and really grumpy. 

She felt a little better when we promised she could have unlimited turns with the kids' iPod watching movies. 

Then, tonight at dinner, Little Mister lost his first tooth! At age seven, he has watched his little sister lose several teeth, and really wanted his turn to come. 

Abi, ignoring the "no spicy food" suggestion, requested tacos for dinner. That's my girl!

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