Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mostly Indoor Days

It's January again. Cold, sloppy, icy, gray January. So, the five of us (the kids and I) have been existing in our 500 square foot living/dining room keeping warm and trying not to drive each other nuts. 

Homemade play dough. A lifesaver. And a mess. 

I've started a new quilt. I love quilting in the winter. It feels so pioneer-ish. The kids are finally old enough to stay out of my stuff, so I can set up my sewing table in the living room and work at it here and there between other things ( like school).

A little snuggling. While they are still little enough to want to snuggle. 

The Bigs have been playing a lot of Minecraft, both on the computer and the iPod Touch. 

We get out and about quite a bit, too. Gym days with other homeschool families, out-to-eat family times, playing at church during music practice, and goofing around with friends all make these winter days pass by more quickly.

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