Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Quiet Week

Last week, I was sick all week. Sinus pain, coughing, not sleeping. I felt miserable, and the pressures of all the stuff I do in a week overwhelmed me and crushed me into a sad little ball of goo. I pleaded for Hubby to help, and he graciously used some of his precious sick leave to stay home and homeschool the crew several different mornings.

This week, I'm feeling better, and happy to be back in the saddle.The weather decided that winter has come, and it's been dumping snow upon us.

It's lovely, but chilly!

Hubby spent several evenings hacking the ancient braille embosser that I scored on ebay. He wrote about it on his programming blog, so I don't need to go into detail here.

Suffice it to say last night, he got it working, and handed me one of my recent blog posts, printed in perfect Grade 2 Braille. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement, since this will be such a useful tool for years to come.

Last weekend, Hubby and I organized our shed, and I found a bunch of toys from Grandma's house, including the Pooh bears that were mine when I was little. Abi and Bean claimed them immediately and have been having a ball with them.

This picture has so many important elements in our life right now, I have to laugh that they can all fit into one image.

My Happy Light. Winter is here.

School. Homeschool is my number one primary job. I feel like I did when I taught public school full time, except this time I'm able to solve problems without all the administrative red tape and I can give each of my four students the time and attention needed to succeed and thrive. That feels great!

Curly's new horse Webkinz. The kids all earned a new Webkinz for learning their times tables in school. Combined with birthday money, they have each increased their collections significantly.

Heater. Curly's Raynaud's Syndrome makes her miserable in the winter unless we proactively keep her warm during the days. None of the other kids are bothered; they just put on a sweatshirt.

The days go along, one after the next. We do school in the mornings. In the afternoons, the kids play and I do pick-up lessons with whoever needs them. Abi has her Braille lessons, and Bean still usually takes a nap, although I've been allowing him to skip here and there in return for good behavior, especially at Preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On the weekends, we generally rest and do chores, and the kids play board games or watch Netflix. It's not an exciting existence, but it's a cozy, comfortable, family-filled one.


  1. Erin, When you have a free moment (HA!) I would love to hear your ideas for toys and items that are really needed for a child with VI. I'm wading through all the products and wondering where to put our limited funds. Thank you!! I love your comfy life.

  2. I liked this list: https://nfb.org/nopbc-good-toys-blind-kids