Monday, October 14, 2013

The Game

See this giant old willow tree in our back yard? Well, the crotch in the center has a lovely spot for sitting, or for pretending you live in a tree house.

This fall, the kids have been playing Swiss Family Robinson during their lunch recess. You guessed it, we're reading that book right now in school.

Today, they got out the archery stuff* from Robin Hood and decided that the target represented different animals that the Swiss Family might hunt. So, they "live" in the tree and go out every day to explore and hunt, just like the brothers in the book.

Isn't being a kid fun?

Not to mention, what better way to build reading comprehension than when a third grader is hanging upon every word in your book so they can glean details for their games? I love it. :)

(* Note: I've been really proud at how well they follow the safety rules. Even the little ones know how to be careful with the archery equipment.)

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  1. This story brings a lump to my throat. One of my favorite homeschooling seasons was when we were reading the Swiss Family Robinson together and my students would go out and re enact the story. They had a tree with a slab of plywood for their house or sometimes they just used the playhouse my father built for them. They are now 25, 23, and 19. Doesn't seem possible. Your children are blessed indeed.