Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pins and Needles

I spent the weekend sewing, an activity that I love, but which also ends up being super exhausting. Maybe it's the creative output of making my project from scratch without a pattern; maybe it's the low vision/back pain stuff; maybe it's the fact that I sew standing up to try to avoid the back pain thing; maybe it's fighting with my broken sewing machine... whatever it is, after making two dresses for the girls, I feel both accomplished and totally worn out.

We're getting ready for Alyssa's wedding, so today also involved some shopping for just the right shirts for the boys, practicing music, and making sure Abi's hair looks beautiful. Country cowboy theme is a bit of a stretch for this town family, so I've been asking friends for boots to borrow and so forth.

The wedding is next weekend, and since we get to play music, I'm super excited! It's been fun to put together outfits, arrange music and have something to anticipate. Plus we love Alyssa to pieces, and the happiness just radiates from her as she counts down the minutes to her big day. :)

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  1. Love the look. I can't wait to see pictures. ( this also reminds me the sickening fact that today I realized I somehow lost Graces adorable denim jacket last weekend. It was the first real cold snap, warmed up then today was supposed to be cold after the rain cleared out. No jacket to be found anywhere. Only worn once. Frown