Monday, October 7, 2013

Nerd, as if you did not know

I used to watch shows or read books about blind people to get ideas. Not that fiction is always very accurate... Still, I loved stories about blind people who lived full lives and did interesting things.

I still do. :)

Imagine my delight when I discovered that someone had taped all the Longstreet episodes off of Canadian Mystery TV a few years ago and were offering the DVDs online for a modest price. Hooray!

Now, in my (rare) spare time, I have these episodes to watch, enjoy the mystery plots and laugh at the old 1970's hairstyles. I do feel a bit of nostalgia for the rotary phones, though.

I also discovered that a few the books from the 1940's called Duncan Maclain that Longstreet is based upon are available too. Although they are just dime novels about a blind detective, they are still interesting, to a nerd.

If anyone else is interested, here is where these treasures can be found for now:

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  1. I'm still wanting to read more about Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller. ;) grace isn't deaf but doesn't speak well so mainly uses ASL. Their stories seem fascinating.