Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Good Saturday

I had a really, really great day today. First one in several months that didn't have something super stressful in it! 

Which is weird, because we played music in a wedding; the kids played, and we all have colds, and I lost my voice, so it had the potential to be so stressful, but it wasn't! It was so much fun!

We dressed the kids in the cute dresses I sewed, and Cody got to be the ring bearer. I found boots for everyone. The kids all played their song so beautifully... we did an arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon as the bride came down the aisle that started with Natalie on solo violin. Then, thanks to a cough drop, I had just enough voice to sing when the time came, so Matt and I got our best country style out and did Randy Travis's "Forever and Ever, Amen". We also did some flute/guitar hymns here and there as filler. It was such a kick: our first family "gig."

Alyssa was a beautiful, radiant bride. The wedding was one of those really special ones where everyone is so focused on the love between the bride and groom that none of the technical stuff matters, so of course it all goes perfectly. 

And the Old Blaine Schoolhouse in October looked breathtaking, with all of her shabby chic decorations and the vivid trees in the sunshine. I can't wait to share pics.

I feel so content right now. 

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  1. Big inner smile. This post made me happy, Erin! Thanks for sharing--and I'm looking forward to pictures too!