Thursday, October 10, 2013

Can You Find The Faces?

A fellow mom-blogger posted that her daughter had begun to draw faces, and this thrilled her to pieces. 

It occurred to me that as a VI mom, faces are just not that important to me. Voices, yes. People, definitely. But faces? Meh. 

Abi started drawing faces recently and I hardly noticed. I wonder if caring a lot about faces or eye contact is a sighted thing or if it was just my personality to not be too impressed?

Anyway, can you find the faces? 

I was startled when my friend posted that picture on her blog and the little faces look so alike to the faces that Abi draws. Are these what faces look like to them? I doubt it in Abi's case. I think someone (Curly) taught her to draw two eyes, a nose and a line for a mouth, and this is what results when you can't really see what you're drawing. But, I could be wrong! Maybe they can see enough to appreciate the features of someone's face and represent it in a drawing. 



  1. Ah ha! Very interesting! I really do wonder if it's co-incidence, or a lack-of-vision thing. Hm.
    Keep up the great work by the way. The kids are doing awesome!

  2. Hm. I don't recall being particularly excited about faces, either. And it took awhile for them to get the right amount of features--at first there might be 3 eyes, a few noses or mouths...however, what I have particularly noticed with each of my three daughters is that at first they draw upside down as often as right side up, and there is no difference in what the drawings look like. I can see Abi's faces...and I love how colorful her pictures are.

  3. Grace hasn't done well with markers and crayons but I was amazed at how she did with finger paint. She kept signing slide and asked for green. The playground we go to has a green slide. Then she talked about the sun so we mixed the red and yellow. She loves the sun and always has to draw one , it makes me happy. She will also include the sun and clouds and rain in her prayers at night. I asked her about grass in her picture then we mixed to make brown for a tree. It was a beautiful calming way to learn. Since she is tactile sensitive she only used the very tip of her finger. Maybe next time we can use two? Have you tried finger paint with Abbi? Grace also likes sidewalk chalk both outside and on her chalkboard.