Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Braille Good And Bad

Abi loves Teacher Daniel, the itinerant Braille teacher who comes twice a week. He teaches in a patient, relaxed style that makes learning easy. He makes up little stories and poems to entice her to read. 

Following his lead, I made her a little poem that she could read all by herself. 

"Abi can go to the park
Abi can go like a shark
Abi can go with a lark
Abi can not go in the dark"


The problem comes when the stuff she is given to read comes out of the computer making no sense. As I posted today on Facebook:

Maybe this is why Braille is hard for kids to read. 

This is one of Abi's school worksheets. The Braille says:

"Color each shape" 

"rer" "yellow" "gre:" "blue"

Tell me, if your kid's worksheet came home from school with the directions printed this weird, would you be okay with it?




  1. Um yeah that is not cool. As a braillist I can see how that happened but as a mama of blind kids that can read braille I'd definately point it out to whomever that they need to proofread. Unless it was just meant as a coloring page and they knew the braille wasn't correct. In that case why throw a perfectly good house away?? but i might have smooshed (erased) the incorrect words to keep them from being read.

  2. Interesting and fun looking curriculum! ( even with the errors) I am studying to learn Braille and I really enjoy it. I would love to one day be able to actually read things, especially to be able to find the mistakes on my daughters school pages.