Monday, September 23, 2013

An 1880s One-Room Schoolhouse

Several homeschool families organized today to meet at an authentic historic schoolhouse 20 miles south of town. The building, available for rent to groups, has electricity but no running water, so we even had the authentic outhouse experience!

We dressed in period costumes, and gathered in our one-room schoolhouse to experience a day of school like scholars might have done in 1880.

The homeschool moms took turns teaching lessons. We wound up with more than 30 kids, ranging from 3 to 15 years old. 

With homemade slates and chalk, we worked sums, listened to a history lesson, learned about edible local plants and read from the McGuffey Reader. 

We had a lesson in art, and made homemade butter by shaking cream in jars until it separated. Then, we got to eat the fresh butter on homemade bread!

At recess, the kids played jumprope, and relay races. Everyone enjoyed picking little sour apples off a bush in the yard, and climbing on an antique wagon. 

Bean loved the chalk. It did not take long before he got covered. 

A real schoolhouse bell called us back in from recess. We all took lunch in baskets or bandannas, and most kids had homemade bread and apples, and such. 

During a school-wide spelling bee, two of the big kids spelled so many words, we finally had to declare a tie!

We finished up the day by learning a country square dance (link goes to a video of us) while one of the students fiddled "Pop, Goes the Weasel." The Littles had their own dance nearby!

We ended the day with homemade root beer and a group picture. What a great day!


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  1. What an incredible day! I love the care and attention to detail. Home made slates, and period style clothing. Good job mamas!