Friday, August 16, 2013

Tonight At Shari's

What was supposed to be a pleasant evening out as a family with no dishes to wash, instead turned into us sitting and waiting for our food for an unreasonably long period of time due to our waiter writing his ticket wrong. We sat and froze in the too-low A/C and refused to order the free kids' drinks at least four times because we *gasp* actually wanted water. At the end of the meal, we thought about ordering pie, but the waiter hanging out in the kitchen area shooting the breeze with his fellow waiters, along with the refrigerator-like atmosphere, made us change our minds, and we shivered our way back out to the car.  Then, we bought a cake at Safeway instead. 

I realize that the bar isn't set too high for service at certain restaurants, and we tried to take that into consideration, but this passed even our low expectations. I tried to fill out a customer survey, but the cashier neglected to give us a receipt, upon which is a special code for doing the feedback survey.  No code, no survey. Oh well. 

I did take a few cute kid pictures during the interminable wait for our food. 






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