Monday, August 19, 2013

The Week Before the Plunge

This week is:

Phone calls
Getting organized
Last minute school supply shopping
Choosing an Amharic curriculum
Getting excited
Hooking up computers
Praying a lot


  1. Oh my that first picture!! I just did a similar thing about a month ago and then pulled back. Even though I consider myself an unschooler (and an unschooling family) fall still get me making a schedule (and then abandoning it). Tell us what you are planning! We all (me :)) want to KNOW!! :)

  2. We're doing the Idaho Virtual Academy this year. Partly because I needed to get Braille for Abi, and partly because a friend's kid is joining us and he wants structure. But I already miss Unschooling. Hope I can do it again in a year or two.