Thursday, August 8, 2013


There's this green shirt that I have that I love. I got it while thrifting one year, probably 1998, and have worn it once a week since. How the thing still holds together, I have no idea. 

One day I got the idea to duplicate my favorite shirt. I wanted to try sewing knits, because I know they're hard, especially with my dumb sewing machine, which has a broken tension mechanism. In order to sew, I have to balance a cup full of loose change atop the machine to create an artificial tension mechanism. 

Anyway, I wanted a challenge, and that is what I got! It's been months of doing one seam at a time, getting frustrated and cussing out my machine, and going to the Bernina website online to drool over new machines. 

At last today, I had to listen to an hour and a half of oral history interviews for work, so I put on my earbuds and sewed. 

I finally finished my shirt, and I am pleased with the result. Using all zigzag seams gives it a bit of a retro feel; the fabric drapes beautifully, and I put an extra few inches on the length that's impossible to find in stores. 

Now, if I lost a few pounds, my new shirt would look even better!



  1. When I buy a T shirt new (from Gap usually) I buy the tall version. I get a few extra inches this way. I like yours even better but I have a love-hate relationship with sewing stuff for myself. Yours is wonderful!! Love the stripes!