Thursday, August 1, 2013

Raggedy Abi

New braids! Cornrows on top, and "raggy" pink yarn in the back. 

Abi's hair is getting so long, it took more time to remove the old braids yesterday, wash it well, detangle and band the hair, than it did to braid it today!

As a leave-in conditioner, this time I mixed olive oil with Blue Magic and detangled while still in the bath. It worked great! Much easier and less ouchy. I try to be as gentle as possible and not damage her hair or hurt her sensitive scalp, but as her hair grows, it's getting harder! Still, her hair is super healthy, even down to the ends, so I think I am doing something right. :)

While I was at it, I put some dreadlock-style braids in Bean's hair. He has been begging for braids and beads too!

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  1. So cute. I love the one of Matt holding Abi--she looks so pretty!