Monday, August 26, 2013

Goodbye, Stinky Couch

I thought I'd found a great deal, getting these couches at the second-hand store. But we got them home and they smelled disgustingly like cat pee. Nothing we tried eradicated the smell from the larger couch, so it must have been in some secret, inner location. Yuck. 

Finally, after months of coming in the front door to that hideous odor, not to mention refusing to sit on the thing, we decided the easiest way to send it on its way was to put it in the front yard with a "free" sign. (A perk of living in a college town is that this time of year, desperate students are on the prowl for cheap furniture.) 

Within minutes, a Marine claimed it, in spite of our warnings about the smell. He joyfully said that it would make a good video game couch. Halo 3, chips, beer and cat pee. Perfect. 

Now, our living room is minus some seating, but aaahhh, the space. And the lack of stinky. 

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