Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 3--Highs and Lows

I'm not going to blog the minutiae of every school day. I can hear your sighs of relief from here. But today had some events that I think I'll want to remember, both good and bad. 


Teaching Little Mister is such a delight. The kid understands stuff instantly and quietly follows directions. I need to make sure I do a lesson with just him every day, for both our sakes. 

Not to brag, but I'm a pretty good teacher. My third graders are not only learning, but enjoying it. I've already adapted several of their lessons, particularly in reading, to be more motivating, more successful and less drudgery. 

(Third graders studying spelling on the trampoline.)
Another big bonus today was that Hubby came home at lunch to fix a computer and gave me a break. I walked downtown and bought myself a salad for lunch. Amazing what 25 minutes away and a brisk walk can do to lower my stress levels!


Abi was a mess yesterday and today. The change in schedule seems to have completely thrown her for a loop and she can't even follow simple instructions like, go get a marker. It's like her brain shuts down during an RAD episode. Frustrating when suddenly I need to teach her something! I spent two hours yesterday with her on my lap, just snuggling. That would be fine if she were my only child and that was all I needed to do all day. But it isn't, and so my anxiety crawls through the roof!  Grrrrr!

Bean has been trying hard to be good. I know it's hard for him to have to get so little attention all morning. Glad preschool starts next week, so at least two days a week he'll have something to do. 

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