Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Migraine Art

If you do a Google image search for Migraine Art, you'll get some interesting and disturbing results. Laying here in the dark in my bed with my head splitting apart, I was wondering how I'd represent a migraine visually. Since I'm not a very visual person, it sounded daunting, but I thought it might be interesting to see how others have done it. 

First, there's sheer pain. For some reason, the bright colors and repeating irregular lines seemed to represent perfectly the chaos of life being overshadowed by pure agony. 

Many artists captured the odd, one-sided effect. 

Of course, there's the ubiquitous word-cloud. 

Make. Go. Away. 


Probably my favorite were the really practical ones. People with lists of verboten trigger foods, forbidden activities (like wearing glasses, in my case), green at the gills, either holed up in a dark room in bed (as I am now) or still trying to function and take care of the chores and family (which I plan to do shortly).

If I were to create my own piece of art trying to represent a migraine, I think the result would be something like this next piece, but maybe without the smile. It's more subtle, which misrepresents the intensity of the pain, but the accuracy of the placement of the red color, as the pain fills the eye socket, washes up the forehead, and trickles down into the jaw, neck, shoulder and eventually causing tension pretty much everywhere is perfect. 

I didn't bother to copy the ones representing visual distortion, auras, over sensitive hearing and smell, light sensitivity, vises and pressure, etc, etc. Those are there, of course, but I merely picked the ones that resonated, and then got bored. In a way, the lack of focus or memory makes its own statement. 

(Obviously, copyright belongs to various artists, and you can do the Google search yourself and track each one down if you so desire.)

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