Monday, July 15, 2013

Make your own lines!

I read this discussion on my feed reader today. Then, I laughed. 

Since my children began coloring, I have almost always given them blank paper. They get to draw whatever they want, color whatever they want. The above picture shows Abi's free-coloring experiment from this morning. 

Curly sometimes draws something recognizable, like this lighthouse. 

Sometimes, her artwork is all about the joy of using color, like this desert sunset scene. 

But nowhere, ever, is she asked to color within the lines in my house. 

In preschool, they all learned to color within the lines, and we even drew Abi's lines with puffy paint so she could be successful. But here at home, kids are free to draw their own lines. 

Whether it's Little Mister's carefully detailed calendar, or Abi's abstract landscapes, my kids almost always prefer a piece of blank paper over any other coloring book or printout.

I'm happy to oblige.



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