Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feeling Rabbity

Totally bragging on my mommy abilities this morning!

When I came upstairs, Abi was in full-blown turtle mode. Laying on her face on the floor not talking to anyone. She had refused breakfast for Matt, too. Bad sign. 

She has been complaining of headaches, and yesterday, she'd reluctantly told me it was her good eye hurting. :gulp: I was so worried that another surgery loomed. 

After giving her Tylenol, I got out an ice pack and told her to put it on the place where it hurts. To my surprise, she put it on the back of her neck. 

Then, I fixed her some "fit-fit inna uncoolal" (leftover injera, wat and egg) for breakfast, and she sat swinging her feet happily and saying "mmm."

Afterward, I showed her how to hold the iPod so she could see the screen without crooking her neck in such a bizarre angle. When I did that, she spontaneously gave me a hug! I was floored!

Now, I feel like a million bucks. 

We have a new family member. 

Holly the Holland Lop bunny belongs to Natta.


(Photo description: my bare toes lounging near the Littles who are enjoying the kiddie pool in the front yard)




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