Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A little scary

Last night, Hubby took the kids to ride bikes in a nearby flat parking lot. They came home early when Little Mister got stung by a bee (first time) and started reacting to it. He broke out in hives all over his body; his skin became mottled and he was mopey. I took one look at him when he got home and sent Hubby directly to the ER with him. 

There, he got a shot of epinephrine, an IV with Benadryl, a nebulizer to open his rapidly closing airways, and a Claritin tablet. 

Hubby says he was Very Brave and did not even cry at the insertion of the IV. Hubby, bless his heart, texted me so I wouldn't worry. We all stayed pretty calm, because we'd caught it early and we knew that quick treatment is usually effective. The other kids were a bit worried, but I explained that their brother would be just fine in the morning, which he is. I put them all to bed, because the doctor in the ER kept getting sidetracked by ambulances coming in, so Mister fell asleep waiting to be released. I guess being pumped full of Benadryl probably helped with that!

I was proud of Hubby for his calm efficiency all night, and really pleased with the quickness of the ER staff. They got Mister right in, and got him on the IV right away. I'm grateful for our first aid training, so we knew what was happening, and grateful for modern medicine, that turned a life-threatening allergy into a minor incident. 

From now on Mister will have an epi pen to carry, in case of future reactions.

As a friend commented to me, "Never a dull moment with your crew, is there?" 




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  1. Wow! Poor little guy. Glad you knew what to do.