Friday, March 29, 2013

Fifth Birthday and Spokane #2

Today is Abi's fifth birthday, but we're spending it in Spokane at the doctor. Not my idea of fun. We did have a small, family party last night, and she was thrilled with her balloon.

I makes me sad, because I remember that I had the flu on my fifth birthday, and had to miss the family trip to the Mexican restaurant, staying at home with a sitter instead. I've always been sad over that birthday, and now, watching my daughter's birthday be overshadowed by pain makes me remember the old sadness.

I hope in a couple of weeks we can celebrate properly, when she feels better.

A few Pics from Spokane. We did take the kids to Riverfront Park and the carousel. Abi just wanted to be carried with her head snuggled on Daddy's shoulder.

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