Saturday, March 9, 2013

Birthday Room

The timing was coincidence. For years, when the kids got old enough not to need me at night so much, I'd planned to move the adult bedroom into the basement, and use the extra bedroom for something. A kid's room, an office, whatever we needed.

Planning to homeschool the three oldest Goombas next year made it apparent that we needed a school room. I decided the time had come to make the move.

Hubby and I used six tall bookshelves to create a wall around a corner of the basement, effectively enclosing a new bedroom space. (Yes, we have enough books to fill them all.) An ancient door, resurrected from the cobwebs of the garage completed the room, with the help of some new hinges and knobs from the hardware store. It's just the right size for a bed/craft/sewing room. The little basement room that was my sewing room now belongs to Hubby to use for a study/music room. He's thrilled.

The bedroom on the main floor now has several tables and desks, a used bookshelf, a rug and two new bean bags. This fall, two new computers will join Mister's school computer in there, and plenty of books, art supplies, a globe, science equipment, Braille paper and math manipulatives will live on the red book shelf. For now, Mister's computer, my laptop and Abi's Brailler fill the desks. We found the most adorable purple chair at Ross to put in there for Abi. It's so perfect for her, we wondered how we hadn't thought of it before.

With the baby monitor in place, and Hubby puttering around the basement with me, our house feels cozy, and the space seems put to better use. Also, I can use the basement bathroom in the mornings before I go upstairs and get peppered with requests for breakfast, a vitamin, a movie, find my toy, fix my lunch, etc. Maybe it's a small thing, but I'm pretty excited about it!

For my birthday today, my family took me shopping to outfit my new room, and I picked out a down comforter, something I've coveted for years. Curly gave me a hand-drawn card, and Mister gave me the gift of $1.52. It almost made me cry, since I happen to know that he's eagerly saving his chore money to buy himself a video game upgrade, which at $0.50 a day or so, is slow going. The sweetness of gifting some of that carefully hoarded cash to bless Mom's birthday absolutely made my day.

With a project to work on all day, a lovely dinner with my family, no birthday cake to make me sick, and a gift like Mister's, it's been about the best birthday I've ever had. :)

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