Saturday, February 11, 2012


...Hubby worked a full 8 hours to try to make up for all of the appointments we've had this week. the time Abi finally went to sleep for her nap, Bean was up again.

...I swept up a broken plate when Mister helped empty the dishwasher.

...Hubby collected the third and final poop sample for the lab.

...Abi understood me when I told her in English that her dolly was on the floor by her feet.

...fifty people in line for the movie theater at the mall watched my children in the play place scream and yell and fight and demand that i help them climb on the bear, or jump off the boat, while I sat and sipped coffee and looked at them.

...I ate two leftover chicken nuggets for lunch and forgot to have anything else. hair dryer caught fire, causing the house to smell like burned electrical parts.

...I was informed 934 times by the Singing Elmo doll that a circle has no corners.

...Curly put the laundry away without complaining.

...I had another nightmare, this time that the TSA put me on a plane to Boston and threw away my luggage.

...I was surprised that my favorite green shirt was on top of the dryer, as it had been in the luggage that the TSA threw away in my dream.

...I received a letter in the mail that the judge approved Abi's adoption petition and that her name has been changed.

...the Tooth Fairy stopped by with a golden dollar for Curly, who rolled her eyes and informed me that she knew who the Tooth Fairy was and why did we have to use the dumb cup of water on the windowsill.

...I remember the password to Little Mister's computer reading program on the first try.

...I lost count of the times I had to scold Bean or put him in time-out or other discipline for hitting Abi or kicking Abi or taking Abi's toy or fighting with Abi or screaming about Abi's existence.

...I drank at least five cups of coffee.

...I successfully warded off a migraine headache that had threatened my well-being and happiness with my Jedi mind powers (and well-timed Excedrine).

...we had take-out for dinner.

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  1. After all that a take-out dinner is definitely a must!!! (((huggs)))