Sunday, February 12, 2012


As I posted here, I have been trying to find a way to let Abi enjoy shows with us, but not block the screen for everyone else.  Today, I tried logging in to two different Netflix accounts, so they would play the same show simultaneously.  I set up one show on the iPod Touch, and the other on the laptop.  I synced them as closely as I could, and then muted the iPod.  Abi was thrilled with the small screen that she could hold closely and see.  I put it into a plastic sleeve (originally a package to hold paper clips) so she could not accidentally touch the screen and change the settings.

So far, it has worked well until one device stops playback unexpectedly, and we lose the sync. Hopefully, that won't be a continual problem, and we can at least all enjoy Netflix shows.  We may be able to do something similar with DVDs if we do a little planning and rip them onto the iPod beforehand.

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