Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Aeroplan, aeroplan, aeroplan

I don't have a lot to write about the plane rides.  I'd been dreading them for months, but as expected, we survived.  Waiting in line for numerous security checks and customs wasn't much fun, but our agency had done their work thoroughly, and we had no holdups at all.  Mostly it was just long (34 hours from door to door).  Abi slept and played with little toys and chattered to nearby passengers, who all thought she was adorable.  She sang little Amharic songs at the top of her lungs, and when the plane had a TV screen that was close enough for her to see, she played with that.  By the last flight, she was beginning to shut down for pure fatigue and feeling overwhelmed.  To be honest, so was I, and I cried when I saw my family waving to us from the window of the Lewiston airport.

This is the last post about our trip. From here on out, we move forward into our new life, with more homeschooling, more offspring cuteness, more on adapting to blindness, more recipes and just more living each day and embracing whatever comes. As Robert Capon says so eloquently about parenting:

"I find that my fine generalities have dashed themselves to pieces against the six very concrete children that I have. I live surrounded by a mixture of violence and loveliness, of music and insensitivity. I take my meals with clods and poets, but I am seldom certain which is which. Nowhere is my life less reducible to logic than in my children; nowhere are my elegant attempts at system ground more violently to powder than under the stumbling stone of the next generation. Far from having advice to give you, I am dumbfounded by them and admit it. And yet I rejoice too, for nowhere is there so much to keep me sane. I apologize in advance but I know only one word to describe it: It is absurd.

- Robert Capon, Bed and Board

Have a wonderful day, and thanks again for all of the prayers, comments, encouragement, and kind words you have given us through this amazing journey. :)

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