Monday, January 30, 2012

The New Normal

"How are you adjusting?" That's the most frequent question I get lately.

My answer is, "how do you expect we're adjusting?" We added a 3yo who doesn't speak English to our household.

Some moments are beautiful, like when she throws her arms around me and tells me that she loves me, or dances around at the prospect of a ride in the car.

Mostly, it's pure survival mode. She still wakes up at 5am and wakes Bean and the rest of us. Bean is in full-swing jealous mode all of the time. He doesn't give us a break from being as grouchy and naughty as he can think of. Mister whines; Curly tries to help and ends up breaking eggs, spilling juice, getting marker everywhere... You get the picture.

My day is survived moment to moment. I try to take delight in full meals eaten and imaginative stories in between scolding Bean for eating a toy, or banning Mister from the iPod.

In two months, we'll have more communication, and we'll be able to go to the park again. Until then, I'll do my best to keep the LEGOs out of the toilet!

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