Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Piano

During Abi's first full day at home, she discovered the piano, just before it was time to go to bed. She had so much fun exploring the notes, I had to take a little video of her.

She was singing in the video, a little song she has sung to us before. It's in Amharic, and we didn't know what it was about for sure, although, we knew it was her favorite song.

This morning, I got this email from our social worker in Georgia:
I was able to check out some of the other videos you posted on YouTube of Abi! I was just crazy about the one of her playing the piano & sent it to everyone in the office & everyone in the Addis office. Everyone just can't stop talking about how ridiculously precious she is ;)

But, I got this email back from H today & thought I'd pass it on. She explains what it is that Abi is singing about when she was playing the piano. Thought you'd get a kick out of it!

Thanks B for sharing this. We couldn't stop smiling looking at her and listening to what she is singing in the video. At first she was naming alphabets as u could hear it and then she called number 1-3 then the singing starts She was singing a spiritual song that tells that she is giving a praise for her Lord and she was inviting for anyone who has great God like hers to praise God. She was singing that devil can't make her stop from singing and praising her God. Hope this helps a little for her family to understand that she is singing and praising her Lord. FYI Abebech is really known in her room for her singing while she was in KVI. Her nannies always invite her to sing for others. Thanks again, H
It's so neat to have agency workers who care so much about the kids they serve, and their families, like us. We are really blessed. :)

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