Sunday, December 11, 2011


Our electric Perkins brailler has been sitting on the shelf tempting the kids for several months.  Today, I gave in to their requests to "write braille," so I got out a slate and stylus, a stack of leftover braille paper, and the trusty, indestructible Perkins.

All three of them busily scribbled all day long with both markers and braille.  Between the noise of the stylus, and the loud braillewriter, it sounded like Stomp had visited our house.

I didn't worry about teaching them many letters, although Curly learned the letters in her name.  There will be plenty of time for that.  Today, I just let them play and enjoy the fun of making bumps and dots.

When Abi comes, I want braille to be just a normal item in our house.  It's the way some of us read in our family, so it's not sacred or special.  Approaching it playfully just fits right in to our unschooly ways.  :)

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