Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bean Dictionary

Chumpum- Ketchup
Bicket- Blanket
DUMM-a-Seep- Shaun the Sheep
Doosh- Juice
Yum-yum- Vitamin
Cock-it- Chocolate
Doat- Coat (Little Mister used to call his Football Coat: Bu-ball Doat too)
Puh-keem- Pumpkin
Ashoos- Excused?
Zah- Seth
Tat-oo! Thank you
Ah saiii- I'm sorry
Nah-nah- Knock-knock

We were trying to think of all the cute stuff he says, but he says a lot of things correctly already! This morning, hubby sneezed really loudly, and Bean said, "Whoa! Bless you!" It cracked me up.  :)

A few of the things he says correctly:

Change you!
Oh, wow...

That's just a small sampling that I can think of off the top of my head.  He chatters constantly, and is starting to correctly identify his colors and letters.  I love this stage when babies begin to talk.  Every day we hear new words, and we know more about what he is thinking and feeling.

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  1. I wish I'd made a list when my kids were little. I can't even remember most of what they said that I thought I didn't need to write down, cause how could I ever forget!!! Obviously, I have!!!