Sunday, December 11, 2011

And the Oscar goes to...

Today was our annual Children's Christmas Program.  I LOVE our church because there are tons of families with kids, nobody minds fingerprints on the glass doors to the sanctuary, and the Christmas Program is a laid-back, enjoyable affair with minimal fuss and no striving for a polished performance.

Little Mister got to be an angel this year.  Here, he's waiting for time to go upstairs.

Curly got to be a donkey. She and the other "animals" had a ball crawling around while the "shepherds" attempted to herd them into line.  It looked much like herding cats.

Mister sang "Away in a Manger."

They got a little help from the congregation when they couldn't remember the words.  The cuteness factor more than made up for the singing!

For the Bible reading, this teen used his iPhone.  I just got a kick out of it.  Guess the Bible isn't a bad app to have on his iPhone. :)

The 1st-3rd graders were next.  Getting them onto the stage was barely short of chaos.

Curly, I mean Donkey, sang all the words to "O Come All Ye Faithful" with quite a bit of gusto.

She told me at home that she couldn't wait to sing "her song." Apparently the enthusiastic applause satisfied her, because she was all smiles afterward, as were her sheep and cow friends.

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  1. I have the bible app on all my iThings! You can switch translations easily. What a cute bunch of kids though.