Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Getting to Know You

Two little minute-long videos came to my inbox this morning, little sideways videos of Abi sitting in the sunshine far away in Ethiopia. In one, the nannies are talking to her, saying musical Amharic words that I almost recognize, but frustratingly don't quite know what they mean. In the second one, she is sitting on a curb, with palm trees behind her, singing a little song. I remember those trees, and the safe, enclosed courtyard in which she sat. I remember the warm, baked red bricks, and the strings of laundry drying in the sun.

My kids watch the little videos over and over, absorbing the unfamiliar words, taking in the details of their new little sister. They ask if she likes purple, the color of her shirt. They clap along with her little song and ask me when she is coming to live with us. They intently observe her hands, her eyes, her smile, her pants with the bunnies on them. In two months, she will come here and they will all sing songs together.

Until then, we wait for her and watch a little sideways video together.


  1. So good to know you are home safe from Ethiopia. What adventures you've had! That must have been amazing to walk on the day of the running race. I am so happy that things are still moving forward, albeit slowly. It will be a wonderful day when she comes to you to live.