Monday, September 19, 2011

Piano Man

Little Mister has begun learning to play the piano. We found a wonderful piano teacher, who was a friend of a friend. She taught in a gentle, playful, encouraging manner that fit our family extremely well. Then, her Hubby got a job in Arizona, and she moved away!

I was so disappointed to lose her, but since we are Facebook friends, we decided to try an experiment. We continued our lessons via Skype. Every Monday night we meet up online and I set up my computer so she can see Mister's hands. He plays his songs, and she has been super pleased with his progress.

Tonight, after our lesson, she told him that he played "The Submarine" so well, it needed to be on a video on my blog! So, per instructions, here is Little Mister playing his song. Thank you so much Teacher S! We love you!

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