Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Less Than Two Weeks!

We travel to Ethiopia in less than two weeks!  I get to meet our little girlie!

We have been collecting things like power adapters and travel money belts. Yesterday, I spent a long 45 minutes with an overly solicitous banker setting up a travel account. Hubby bought some new headphones for the plane. We're looking at packing lists, and weather forecasts.

I'm also thinking about the three Goombas staying here with Mom for a week. This has never happened to them before; always before one or the other of us has always been with them. Every little ritual and routine and inside joke stands out in stark relief against the backdrop of leaving them for an entire week. Many times per day, I reassure myself that they will be fine, but the mother bear in me is not in the least satisfied.

My emotions swing from being afraid of the discomfort of the long flight and jetlag, to anticipating the adventure, to anticipation of meeting Abi, to dread of having to leave her again and say goodbye.

Never in a thousand years could I have guessed that someday I would be traveling across the globe to visit Africa. Such an exotic adventure was the privilege of people much wealthier than I. Other people made plans to travel to foreign continents or live in glittering cities, but I am a farm girl, planted firmly in the land, who loves to stay and grow with the changing seasons here. That God would put this trip into my own life has surprised me beyond measure.


  1. Praying for you and your family. I'm excited to read more about how things go. ;)

  2. This is so exciting. i hope all goes well.

  3. Oh Erin..I am SURE praying hard for you and your family...oh my goodness..sleep must be elusive for you now! Well, I shouldn't assume..I just know it would be for me..Oh how I can't wait to meet your new blessing from God!