Thursday, September 22, 2011

Garden Fresh

Curly came home the other day from violin class with fresh garden veggies, of all things. Apparently her teacher had an excess. Each vegetable had a number drawn on it using masking tape. I guess the kids used them to play a violin game. The prize? You get to keep the veggie. Curly must have played well, because she had a whole bagful of vegetables.

Several tomatoes, an onion, and a spicy purple pepper got turned into salsa fresca. Yummy!

A pumpkin and an odd little white squash became pumpkin cream cheese muffins.

Now left in the basket are these little gems. I'm told they're called tomatillos. Now, I'll admit I have never heard of tomatillos before. What are they and what do you make with them? (Once you finish using them to play the violin, of course.)

Edited to add: Answer--you give them to a friend who knows what they are and knows how to make salsa verde out of them! She also knew to wash the sticky stuff off before you try tasting one. Oops. :)

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