Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Day of School Pictures

Since yesterday was the first day of Co-op, I went ahead and took their "school pictures" before we left.

Little Mister is in Pre-K, and his favorite color is blue. He loves to build things, play on the computer, and help Daddy bake yummy treats. He's picking up reading really fast, has begun learning to multiply numbers, and is taking piano lessons. He also is in a singing class. My most introverted child, he often needs time alone, and loves to think deeply.

Curly Miss is in first grade. She is reading easy chapter books, like "Nate the Great," and is working on fractions. She has added yellow to her very favorite colors. She loves art and drawing, and music, progressing quickly through Suzuki Book 2. She is almost 100% extrovert and has a talent for making friends quickly. She loves to be on the go, and to be with people.

The Bean needed to have his picture taken too, since his siblings did. He is learning his colors and letters, and he'll be two next Thursday. He learned several new words a day, and chatters a lot! He is still extremely strong and fast; I predict that he will excel at sports, although he is also bright academically and quite musical.

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