Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bean is Two!

Today, Bean turns two years old! It's hard to believe that our funny, silly, sweet, smart, crazy, exhausting, wonderful Bean is two. This morning, I taught him to say "TWO!" when someone asks him how old he is. True to form, I asked later in the day, and his answer was "Three!"

Miss A, Bean's birth mom, called this afternoon to tell him Happy Birthday and that she loves him. He had a ball talking to her on the phone and attempting to push as many buttons as he could. I was so blessed that she called. As he grows up, I think it's vital that he understand how much she loves him, and a gesture like remembering his birthday goes a long ways.

Bean's favorite part of the entire proceeding: the yellow party blowers.

Even Chewy got a hat!

Stopping at the top of the hill to look at the lights.


Along the way home, we noticed an unusual number of police and flaggers.  It turns out we drove up behind one of the controversial Megaloads.  When we got into town, protestors and police cars lined the streets.  It was kind of cool to see something in real life that has made national news in the recent weeks.

Once home again, and very late, our little birthday boy was doing his overstimulated silly routine.  He drank his bottle of warm milk and crashed immediately upon being put into bed.  Thus endeth Birthday Number Two.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your little Bean! Love that guy! Hope he has a happy two/three day!