Friday, August 5, 2011

Nosebleeds, Silly String, and Kiddie Pools

Bean woke up this morning having had a nosebleed sometime during the night. He'd tried to take care of it himself by rubbing all over his face, his crib, the wall and his sheets. Perfect.

(This representative nosebleed photo is actually from a couple of weeks ago. Same thing happened.)

Now that the weather is hot, the kids have been begging to get the kiddie pool out. I used a garden hoe to poke the blue plastic pool out of the rafters of the wood shop, and dragged it out to the front yard where I filled it and let it sit to warm up.

Because it looked so small for three kids, we loaded up into the van, and headed into town to find a soft-sided larger pool. After McDonald's and the bank (both, thankfully, with drive-throughs) we tried Rite Aid, which had fall and back-to-school stuff, but no more pools.

Next, we tried Walgreen's, where Bean sneezed another nosebleed all over my shirt, then again all over his shirt. The kind lady at the counter loaded us up with Kleenex, pointed us toward the bathroom, and suggested we use saline solution on Bean's nose (uhh, ya think?). In the bathroom, I stationed the kids in front of the door and stripped my shirt off to wash the blood out in the sink. Thankfully, no one came in, and I put my (wet) shirt back on, washed Bean off and headed back out to look for pools.

No Dice. We bought silly string instead, and went home. Thank goodness for! I ordered a pool, which should be here Monday, and then let the kids play in the dinky one we have.

They spent a happy half-hour dousing one another with water and silly string before they got cold, and we went inside for nap-time.

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  1. Don't you hate it when the stores stop supplying seasonal stuff when the season isn't over? Darn it!

    Sorry you had to deal with the bloody nose ordeal. Hopefully that's not something you'll have to deal with on a regular basis.