Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Tough To Be Little

We're going camping this weekend. The kids, bouncing around the house, oozing excitement, gradually got on my nerves to the point where I finally decided to give them the packing list. Why not put some of that extraordinary energy to good use?

I trapped Bean in the living room with me, so the kids could get on with their work unimpeded by a small person who joyfully unpacks everything they pack with as much chaos and alacrity as a hurricane.

The gross unfairness of this plan became manifest when Bean figured out that Curly and Mister were going up and down the stairs, and in and out the front door without him. He let his opinion be known in ear-splitting high-decibel shrieks that I'm sure could be heard down the street.

I told him that he would get to go camping too, and this incarceration was only temporary. He would have none of it. There was fun to be had right now, and he was held against his will by a mean, cold-hearted Mommy and a big, long plastic fence.

The only respite he got for his trouble was a nap.

It stinks to be the littlest one.


  1. Hi Erin.
    Stumbled across your blog via a complicated sequence of following-of-clues, beginning with a shared enjoyment of Chris Gorham/ Auggie Anderson. What a find! This is a beautiful blog - I have so enjoyed browsing through it. We have much in common - a love of God, unschooling, 4 kids, and even a vested interest in braille. Since I was very young I have been fascinated by all things low-vision-related (in fact that's why I started watching Covert Affairs in the first place). My vision is fine, and I'm not sure why the interest is there, but I'm sure God put it there for a reason, and I know I'll find out one day.
    Although we haven't adopted, there are a lot of adoptions happening in our circle of friends - in fact our best friends have two adopted children and run a support group for families who have adopted cross-culturally. I'm not unsure that adoption may be in our future too someday :)
    It is obvious that you spend much time and love on this blog and I wanted to let you know that it's reached out and touched someone as far away as South Africa. I'll definitely be popping in from time to time to see how you're all doing.
    Ashleigh (Pretoria, South Africa)
    (P.S. Followed the link to peep at your husband's blog and it looks fascinating too. I think I'll pop back when the kids are in bed and I have my brain to myself - it looks like he has some very interesting things to share too)
    Blessings to you guys

  2. Ashleigh, thanks for the comment! It is great to "meet" you. It's surprising how much we have in common, especially as I find that my interests are fairly unique among my usual circle of friends. It makes a connection like yours even nicer.

    If you're interested, there is a braille-nerd group on Twitter, and a Gorham Gang too! On Facebook, there is a Braille Transcribers group that I also enjoy chatting with. I hope I run into you again around the web.