Monday, August 15, 2011

Children Getting Dirty

I've had conversations with several different moms recently about allowing your children to get dirty, and get their clothes dirty.

Obviously, I am of the philosophy that it's fine; in fact it's normal for children to get dirty, to play in mud, and to get their clothes filthy. My mom always laughed and said, "You'll wash" when I came in from making mud-pies. On our camping trip, Bean had pretty much taken a dust-bath, which is why his shirt came off for dinner.

Curly's face was still dirty when we sat down to dinner, but that's part of the beauty of camping. Whether it's camping or just playing at the park, I'm a big believer that play and learning are much more important than keeping an outfit pristine. So they got dirty.

Then, as soon as we got home, all the kids went into the bathtub!

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