Monday, July 25, 2011

Of Swimming and the Airport

Grandpa and Grandma came up from Oregon yesterday for a visit in Grandpa's little plane. While they were here, they simply spoiled us rotten, as Hubby insists all good grandparents should. Grandma brought a cherry pie (thanks Becca!) and homemade cookies.

They treated us to lunch at Gambino's, then took the older two kids swimming, while Bean took a nap.

Little Mister, heretofore anxious about "sliding on the green tube slide by the orange steps," was coaxed by Grandpa to attempt the feat.

Once he did it, he was so pleased with himself, he told me about it twice when he got home.

I've had a tough time getting him to enjoy being in the water. I suspected it was because of the aversion he has to bright light, rather than any fear of the water itself. We found some wrap-around sunglasses for this trip, and I think it assisted Grandpa in his coaxing Mister to be brave and go down the slide.

When we took them back to the airport for their departure, they graciously let the kids explore the plane a little. When Bean began pressing buttons, it was suddenly time to get out again!

We posed for a family shot (a rarity), then it was time to get down to business.

Bean decided that Grandpa could not possibly refuel the plane without his expert assistance. I'm sure he was a huge help.

Little Mister opted to stay in the shade and watch from a distance. The poor kid probably would have liked to go watch up close, but he got caught in the middle of Mommy sternly telling Curly to sit (she did) and Bean to stay (he didn't) and we were all hot and cranky and hungry. Mister, who is generally the quietest and most well-behaved kid should probably be allowed to do stuff like help refuel the plane; instead he is the one who obeys when I bark at the kids to sit down and behave themselves!

We stayed to watch them take off, something Curly insisted she had never seen "in real life" before. (She has; she just didn't remember it.)

We waved until they were a tiny speck in the distance.

I'm grateful that they can fly up here to visit us (travel time 1.2 hours) instead of us having to drive down there (travel time 4.1 hours, with screaming Bean, feels like 8.9 hours) as often. Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa for coming up to see us!

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