Thursday, July 14, 2011

Music Down The Street

Life seems to have settled down into a rhythm this summer, now that we're all healthy again. The days fly by while Hubby's at work; I care for the kids, do schoolwork, and then Steph plays with them while I build websites and do transcriptions on my computer.

Hubby comes home and we have dinner, then we walk downtown and play at the park, or get a treat from the coffee shop. Tonight I walked even farther around a two-and-a-half mile loop with the Bean in the stroller in order to give Hubby some tornado-free time to help the kids practice their music. Curly is working through Suzuki Book 2, and Mister has begun with the John W. Shaum piano method, with a most lovely piano teacher, who teaches via Skype, since she just moved to Arizona.

Hubby reads to the kids, and then we tuck them all, with prayers and kisses into bed. Tonight, music is wafting down the street from the park, where it's Rendezvous in the Park time again. Our curb is full of cars, and our sidewalk is once again full of friendly strangers who smile at us an wave as they go on their way to the park to buy beer and enchiladas and listen to rock or reggae.

After we do some of the evening chores, Hubby and I settle onto the couch to watch a TV show or documentary, or just to sit and converse. Tonight we bought a baguette and some creamy brie as a late-night treat.

These are long, sunny, happy days as we wait to find out when we travel to Ethiopia and life becomes once again full of upheaval.

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