Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bikes, Sunset, and Large Machines

In our never-ending quest to find fun things to do in the two hours between supper and bed time, we took the bikes to a parking lot on campus. Not long ago, a new road had been built next to this parking lot, so two lifts had been stored there still. They rode their bikes around them in the mellow sunset light, their shadows stretching behind them across the parking lot.

We got Bean a new type of Kid bike called a Boot Scoot. It is a tiny two-wheeler with no pedals. The idea is, they learn to balance first. It would work great...if his feet could touch the ground.

Edited to Add: For all you Safety Sammies out there, yes, I realize Curly's helmet got pushed back at the precise time I was taking pictures. Believe it or not, I did fix it shortly after I snapped the photos.

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