Saturday, June 25, 2011

Something Tangible

Lately, I've been feeling discouraged about our adoption. I had hoped to be traveling by now; instead, we're still waiting to hear that her paperwork has been processed. I was chatting with a friend, who also happens to be an expectant adoptive mom, about how hard it was to wait. She asked me if I have put together my nursery and layette yet.

Part of me laughed. A nursery and layette for a three-year-old? But I realized she was right. Abi needs special things too: decorations and a blanket that is just for her.

My friend gave me a gentle scolding, and said that it would help me to bond also, to have something tangible to do while I wait.

So I went to Michael's and found some darling wooden letters and a little bee to adorn them. I had not planned to decorate in bees. As I looked at the little wooden bee, I realized, I have been calling her a little sing-song "Abi-bee" in my head for months. Of course bees!

I went next door to the fabric store with bees on the brain. All through the quilting section, and flannels, I looked with no success. There were ladybugs and butterflies, but no bees. The cheerful blonde employee noticed my nearsighted squinting at the rows of fabric and asked if she could help. Together, as we searched for bees, it came out that she is also and adoptive mom, and needed some encouragement about possibly adopting again. We shared stories, and at last found this darling fleece with bees on it.

Now, home again, I feel much less discouraged. I'm happily planning to sew bumblebees, and thinking about snuggling a sleepy little coconut-scented brown baby in the soft fleece, picturing her tiny fingers fidgeting with the fun border.

I'm so grateful for friends who understand, who come across my path and tell me that I need to decorate my baby's room. I'm grateful for strangers who are willing to share their stories and let me encourage them. Most of all, I'm grateful for bumblebee-printed fleece, and fun yellow edging!


  1. Buzz buzz buzzzzzz!!! I can't wait until she gets here.

  2. She's going to be one of the luckiest girls in the world to have you!

  3. That's cool that the theme just came to you like that! You are so creative! And I'm sure she'll enjoy the texture of her blanket!